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          oh, hi there! 

Im a wife, a momma to two sassy girls, and a pediatric Flight/ Transport nurse when I'm not out shooting with my camera. Im also a lover of anything related to crime TV, orange starburst, and an afternoon cup of coffee. I like to keep busy... maybe you can tell by now!


 How did you get into photography? 

  After I had my first daughter, I just kept pulling out my camera and instantly fell in love with the creativity photography allowed. Now, here I am being a part of so many special moments that I hope you cherish forever. 


 That's part of the reason I love capturing organic moments between families. I get it. Life is precious and fast. We all want to hold onto as many memories as we can.

Documenting your families, milestones, and life events is so important. I chase real life moments with real emotions as they happen in front of my lense. My goal is to make you feel something when you see your photos. I want to evoke emotions (the best kind!).  These photographs should be something that brings you joy for years to come.

My promise: we will have so much fun! Forget the awkward posing and cue the laughter! The best sessions happen organically when everyone is comfortable. If you feel like having fun, capturing memories and laughing with (at) me, I look forward to meeting you! 

- jade 

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